The Diments

by Keshet

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released March 1, 2016

Produced, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Ron Keshet

Composed & Written by Ron Keshet & Gabriel Lefelman

Tyler Jacob Jones as Eddie Diment Vin Trikeriotis as Barry Diment
Alitia Harnisch as Layla Diment Sarsi Grace as Nurse Billy Nick Maclaine as Storyteller Marcio Mendes as Peyote Driver Robert Woods as Dr. Opus

Guitars & Synths by Ron Keshet Drums by Dan Tozer
Bass by Rummy Keshet Keys, Synths & Piano by Ash Smithers
Flute, Baritone & Tenor Saxophone by Brendan Scott Grey Violin & Viola by Ruth Klein-Cook
Cello by Laura McGrogan Trombone by Blake Phillips
Trumpet by Ricki Malet Percussion by Nunzio Moskito Toscano
Sitar by Scott Mitchell Cavaquinho by Thiago Santos

Transcribed by Tilman Robinson Keys arrangement by Ash Smithers & Ron Keshet
Recorded in Keshet’s Living Room except for Drums recorded by Troy Nababan & Charlie Young at Crank Recording
Mastered by Yoad Nevo at Nevo Sound Studios Album art design & hand crafted font by Adaya Juran

sound samples:
: Joedeshon Church_Wedding_Ambiance_01 Horror Ambience 39 130206_02 Sound DrZoom Squeaking Old Door Open 1 Vladimir2tod4ever97 Heartbeat Effect--Normal too Slow Tomlija Horror Gate Jaredi RattlingLocks Frank Ostrander Marleys_Approach Woodmoose LowerGunCock



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Keshet Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Wedding
They are to be wedded
A wedding in the season of love
They didn't spare expenses
Eddie was rich enough

He bought them a big house
On the side of the hill
They took vows together
To love forever until...

{Storyteller, Eddie & Layla}:
Until death do us part
Track Name: Conversation
You made a good choice
That woman sure looks fine
I wish that I could make
Such a woman mine
All through the nights
I hang ‘round the roundabout
All those women just
Ignite my doubt
You know I'm a rover
And I can't stop running free
But a woman like that
Can get a hold of me

Take it easy boy
You have your good times, good times now
I'm sure you'll find your own
Little girl and take your vow - someday

You know how my ties are fray
I could never let a lady stay
Layla will make you happy
Give you good times of your own
Your words are kind
But I remain a rolling stone
Track Name: Eddie Diment
My mama named me Eddie Diment
My birth was a blessed event
I walk around unashamed of my pride
They say it's decadence but I've got nothing to hide

Got a women, got a big house on the hill
My woman's fine, got all the money to pay each and every bill
Walking down the street, just wanna scream and shout
Let me tell you boy, what the good life's all about

I was born on a bed lined with gold
It wasn't too long before I rock‘n’rolled
Got my collage diploma by the time I was sixteen
Just a clean, mean, money making machine

On my knees took Layla as my bride
She's the only one good enough to stand by my side
Got no dues left unpaid
In the image of god I was made
Track Name: Devil's Device
One night Eddie came home to find his house
To be the birthplace of his downfall
His brother Barry always seemed inferior
As fates collide, a cry slashes the night

How can you be your brother's tormentor?
How can you be your husband’s vice?
How can you be the devil's device?
How can you be your brother's tormentor?
Track Name: The Clash
On the edge of a mountain, here I stand
Do I drink from the fountain, do I dare raise my hand
In the twilight of regret, all my words are left unspoken
Through my eyes the tears reflect, all that was, now lays broken

Time bears only lies
Walk alone on broken land
As I watch the tainted skies
Now you bow to my command

I will not ask for your forgiveness brother
You can curse me but for her there'll be no other
Far too great your vanity has grown
Now you'll have to reap all that you have sown

On the edge of a mountain, here I stand
I have drank from the fountain, I did dare raise my hand
In the twilight of regret, all my words were left unspoken
Through my eyes the tears reflect, all that was now lays broken

What do I feel?
How can my eyes weep?
Track Name: Peyote Driver
{Peyote Driver}:
I am your sweet relief
The caretaker of your grief
Now that everything has turned to sand
Like a stranger on a foreign land
You'll have to get on by
The river flows don't dare ask why
The wind has blew your ship adrift
But I can be your sweet relief

I am the Peyote driver
I reach my arm to your abyss
And through my eyes blue skies you might discover
Bend your forehead to a dark angel's kiss

You just spread your wings
Fly through an ocean of your dreams
Leave that desert far behind
It's not meant for a broken mind
Have you yet seen where your soul has never been?
The other side it bears treasures it bears gold
In it's warm embrace where all unfolds

Now that you've opened the flower
Here you stand in front of god's stabbed truth

It is a jeweled and darkened hour
Here in broken heaven's youth
Track Name: Tainted
Can my eyes lie?
Ghost clouds sail the sky
A voice comes from jaded walls
A lonely crow, his name it calls
A face appears, a face I've known
Whenever I'm all alone
It calls my name

I am tainted
Peyote stain
In my mind his death narrated
Am I going insane?
His eyes reflecting
My love turned to hate
His voice is calling
So I can’t forget

The city is one darkened room
It's door locked by past regret
Every glass reflects my doom
And his voice won't let me forget
All through my way, I did but wrong
Now in my home, I don't belong

I won't forget you brother
Just let me go
Don't come to me at night, my brother
Just let me go
Track Name: The Sky Is Burning
Now you hear my voice, through the broken glass
A disturbing noise, unforgiving past
You can bind your ears, you can close your eyes
I contain your fears, I wear no disguise
I'm a haunting ghost, I'm a brother's vice
You must take your choice, you must roll your dice
Now you must repay me, you must understand
All the dues that were left unpaid, when you raised your hand

I am calling you must answer, you should travel a lot faster
Towards a fate that is yearning, yonder where the sky is burning

To your call I can not answer, you're just a peyote dancer

Now you find me, in your waking dream
Take this butcher knife, and perform extremes
You can't fear the future, you are bound by past
All is an illusion, you can walk through glass
Take this pill I offer, drive this stolen car
Through this wall of paper, you can be a star

I can be a star, from your call I'm learning
I will pay my dues, yonder where the sky is burning

To your call I will answer, now I'm traveling much faster
Track Name: The Institution
{Dr. Opus}:
All that society has broken, all that face unforgiving fate
In my game you're like a token, and you know you can't escape
Eddie Diment, you're fit for this new cure
In here you'll get the best treatment, come out nothing like you were

{Nurse Billy}:
I am here to care for all your needs
I am here to mend all that bleeds
All you freaks will get your share
All new prisoners beware

His face around each corner
And I still live in a waking dream
Am I getting older?
And have I performed extremes?
Doctor, are you gonna help me?
Doctor, are you gonna help me?

{Dr. Opus}:
All new patients, get into your cell
This institution is the best, soon enough you'll see its hell

Layla never wished me good
In this place I can see god's stabbed truth
It is a jeweled and darkened hour
Here in broken heaven’s youth
Track Name: Nurse Billy
{Nurse Billy}:
Eddie, wake up
It's time for your shower
Eddie, I'm gonna tie you up
And visit you each and every hour

You can't break what is broken
All around, I see him still
And I know I'm not safer here
Than in that house on the hill

All I ask for is a prayer
Someone break me outta here
Back under my burning sky
Lying on my bed of lies

{Nurse Billy}:
How does it feel Eddie,
To be under my care?
Seems like the shocks are too much for you
It's your limbs I should tear
At midnight it's poison, at noon it's the knife
Next thing I'm taking is your life

I'll torture you
A few more weeks
My pleasure peaks

Time for bed
Time to pay
For the life you've led

Night has come and you are tired
All your strength has been expired
You know you're different from the rest
You're the patient I like best
Track Name: The Escape
I'm running fast now, away from the wall
That hell is over now, but another hell calls
I'm wiping my face, make room for the tears
Left a trace, of realized fears

On the torturing rack, I have dreamt of this place
My suffering has peaked, at last we're face to face

I have finally caught him, I'm moulded to his soul
Dreaded visions keep on chasing, he will not escape
He will not escape
He will not escape

Remember when we were children, you used to play only to win
And as we grew up you just kept, that same old grin
For your vanity you'll pay, and I am the price
On and on you'll linger reaping, I'll be your demise

I am made of faith, I can escape
Beyond this curtain I know, fields await
Entrapped in the eye, of a storm
I am a sailor, and I'm going home

Death I hear your call
Through the lonely rain
I'm yours you are all
You can end my pain
Track Name: All Stranded
A throne in the house on the hill
That is what I call a thrill
If I got money, I call it love
I was sent to them like death from above

Lord help me, I'm so fine
And my plan baby, divine
Killing one, so sweet, oh well
Peyote poisoned his brother, sent him to hell

Loneliness is written in the stars for all to see
In midnight air it runs through minds so free
Walking towards the end where all things go
Bitter fate caresses skin and bone, I know

Money makes the world go 'round, you know
Wherever it goes, lord, I will go
Believe me baby, regrets, I have none
Life is easier when you live by the gun

All is forsaken now
The world is mistaken now
I see through my shadow years
Behind me, I carry all the tears

And there's no love we're all stranded
No, there's no love we're all stranded